Professional Services


Tax practice

We offer comprehensive advisory services in tax planning and consulting to ensure compliance with formal and substantial tax obligations, aiming to avoid contingencies and achieve efficiencies regarding national, local, and special taxes, as well as international transactions and businesses.

We have broad experience in designing and structuring all types of transactions successfully optimizing tax effects and mitigating potential risks. We coordinate the development of planning, negotiation, and/or structuring processes, streamlining the burden and mitigating tax risks for our clients. We also support and ensure that operations and businesses are effectively implemented and/or closed.

We provide support in responding to tax authorities' requests at both local and national levels, including assistance in audit processes, which involves advisory services in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Our advisory services also include planning for asset protection, from a tax-efficient perspective.



Government and private contracting

We offer specialized legal advice to our clients in government contracting processes under any modality, from reviewing and analyzing such processes to the execution and development of contracts in case they are awarded.

We also assist our clients in the legal and financial structuring of their infrastructure projects, whether through project finance or Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), as well as in the review, negotiation, preparation, development, and/or liquidation of various types of private contracts relevant to their ordinary course of business, including mergers and acquisitions.



Our firm has extensive and renowned experience in providing legal assistance to manage all kinds of judicial, administrative, and arbitration processes in civil, commercial, administrative, and tax law, as well as alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

We are operationally capable of responding promptly to urgent needs, supported by a robust internal and external infrastructure that ensures the adequate administration, availability, and protection of the information provided to us.


Intellectual Property and Data Protection


We specialize in the protection of Industrial and Intellectual Property rights. The main areas of service in this field are Distinctive Signs, New Creations, Copyrights, and Data Protection.


Distinctive Signs

In the area of Distinctive Signs, we handle trademarks, commercial slogans, denominations of origin, and trade names. Protecting these elements is vital as they constitute a company's or businessperson’s most valuable intangible assets.

Our services in this area range from registration procedures, handling opposition filings and responses, defense against infringements, providing advice on contracts involving these rights, such as trademark licenses and franchises.

We also offer a comprehensive assessment of your company’s trademark-portfolio, including strengths and weaknesses, and propose additional protection and solutions in case of contingencies. Once rights are granted, we include them in our monitoring system to detect possible infringements by third parties.


Data Protection

Additionally, we offer advice for implementing measures to protect personal data and ensuring proper handling of third-party data.


New Creations

In the field of New Creations, there are Patents, Utility Models, and Industrial Designs. These concepts not only contribute to the country's economic development by creating a productive cycle that stimulates competition and the creation of new products but also provide companies that develop and protect them with significant competitive advantages.

Our services in this area include comprehensive technical and legal advice to establish the company's creative portfolio, drafting or reviewing the technical documents submitted to the relevant authorities, handling both national and international procedures, advising on negotiations, and preparing and reviewing contracts involving these rights.

Likewise, once the intellectual property rights are granted, we include them in our monitoring system to detect possible infringements by third parties.



Human creativity may not have an industrial character but rather an aesthetic, artistic, or scientific one, in which case the appropriate protection must be sought through copyright. Or it may involve creations of the human intellect that may not be subject to patents by the applicable legislation, as is the case with software.

In this area, we provide the necessary advice for drafting and reviewing intellectual property clauses in contracts, assignment agreements for moral and economic components of copyright.


Corporate and Business Law Practice

Corporate and Business Law Practice We advise our clients on commercial and corporate law matters necessary to carry out their businesses in Colombia.

We support them in the ordinary course of their business activities, acting as external consultants for their companies, providing timely, clear, and legally supported answers to their queries.

We have extensive experience in corporate and commercial matters, such as designing efficient corporate structures, drafting and negotiating shareholder agreements, planning, negotiating, and implementing restructuring processes, as well as mergers and acquisitions, including conducting due diligence for companies.


Estate Planning and Family Office Practice

This advisory combines our expertise in tax, corporate law, business law, and personal and family wealth management. It is aimed at supporting our clients in creating ownership, management, and distribution structures for their assets and income, tailored to their needs.

We assist in designing the estate protection structure and guide the steps to complete it, seeking to make its implementation as tax-efficient as possible.

We provide advice on designing and drafting rules for managing and distributing assets and income, as well as any other aspects that need regulation, through bylaws, special agreements, regulations, or family protocols.

The purpose of this planning is to offer protection regarding security matters, personal situations, family law aspects, and issues affecting the management and distribution of income from assets and productive enterprises. Our advice includes the consideration and management of tax matters that affect both the creation of the planning structure as its management.

This practice includes support in the assessment of the status of personal and/or family assets and income, designing and executing the planning structure, including the family protocol, and subsequently providing family office services, which involve support in managing the day-to-day legal, accounting, and tax compliance aspects for the companies and individuals involved in the planning structure.



Foreign Exchange Law

We offer advice to our clients on foreign exchange matters related to their business activities to ensure compliance with applicable legislation. Additionally, we provide guidance on handling foreign exchange issues in various operations subject to foreign exchange regulations, always aiming at fulfilling the clients' intentions or determining the limitations they must abide by.

We assist in determining obligations and registering our clients' foreign exchange transactions, such as foreign investment registrations, monetization (inflows and outflows) of currencies, and compliance with periodic obligations. Furthermore, we offer advice on managing foreign exchange contingencies identified as well as the analysis and response to requests from foreign exchange authorities.


Startups and Entertainment

We provide legal and tax advisory services to entrepreneurs or startups with established or developing projects.

This advisory includes structuring and implementing corporate planning structures in Colombia or abroad in order to simplify the management and distribution of income from productive enterprises, as well as attracting investors and, in general, ensuring compliance with the standards required by international practice in this matter.




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